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SYMA S009 AH-64 3 Channel Micro Indoor Helicopter --- NEW! SYMA S009 AH-64 3 Channel Micro Indoor Helicopter

1SYMA S009 AH-64 3 Channel Micro Indoor Helicopter --- NEW!10V to 240V Charger Full Function 3 Channels Remote Controlled Intelligent RC System Up, Down, Left, Right , Forward and Backward. Ready-To-Fly straight out of the box. Three Electric Motors Duel Propeller System A twin coaxial rotor for an easy and stable flight Altitude & Rotor Speed Control Stable Hover 3.7V 400mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery Real Helicopter Performance Flight Stabilizing System with adjustable trimming control A 30-45 minutes charge equal to 10-15 minutes flight Flight Range 50-100 ft Main Rotor Surface Diameter: Approx 10 Inches Length: Approx. 11.5 Inches Height: Approx. 5.2 Inches Width: Approx. 10 Inches (with main rotors). Body width Approx. 4 inches. ROHS and CE Approval Suitable for Indoor flight or outdoor with NO wind Suitable for Children 14+ ages
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DH 9053 Volitation 3.5CH RTF RC Helicopter

DH 9053 3.5CH RC HELICOPTER IMAGESNew rc helicopter channel, the DH 9053 Volitation 3.5CH RTF RC Helicopter. This is not like ordinary rc hellicopter model because use 3.5 channel. This rc helicopter can move just like another 3ch rc helicopter but addition can fly in high or low speed with simply switch button of speed control. I think this juts like throttle, where you can adjust the speed.

This outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter. With powerful motor, this rc helicopter can fly over 100 meter high and have build in gyro to increase the stability. 

RC Helicopter Gyro 3ch

RC Helicopter gyro has made flying rc helicopter more easier. The rc helicopter gyroscope is an electric device that is made so that the body of the rc helicopter can revolve around it's axis. We will talk about some rc helicopter gyro product review and how t setup rc helicopter gyro.

How Does An RC Helicopter Gyro Work
You can find radio controlled helicopter gyroscope is fitted between the rear rotor and the receiver. The gyro is able to sense any chance in the rotation movement and atones the force switching the angle of the rotor, thus creating a force in the opposite location nullifying the effect.
RC Helicopter Gyro Reviews

* Robbe - Micro Gyro G 200
Technical Features:
Dimensions 27x27x13 mm
Operating voltage 3-8 V
Weight 20 g

Small and economical gyro system for helicopters and model aircraft.
Installation for the stabilization of the functions of the tail rotor helicopters or any function in model airplanes when guided by a servant. The Piezo sensor has a sensitivity much greater than can recognize the smallest movements of the model and may correct immediately.
A link with a fast servo also leads to a stabilization very good.
Much better dispersion of false signals, which is characteristic of the sensor Piezo prevents a premature rise in the control loop so that they can develop a greater stabilizing effect than mechanical gyro system.
By means of a potentiometer sensitivity of the gyroscope is continuously adjustable from 0-100%. The size of construction and low weight make it ideal for mini electric rc helicopters

Esky Belt CP V2

Esky Belt CP V2 rc helicopter imageThis is Esky Belt CP V2 Review, One of great Esky rc helicopter for beginners. In this article we will talk about Belt CP V2 rc helicopter. One of latest Esky rc helicopter that equipped with 2.4Ghz transmitter and its collective pitch and powerful belt driven tail is a true 3D helicopter ready to fly out of the box! I collect some great review about blade cp v2 and here they are:

Belt CP V2 Specifications :
1. Length :25.2in (640mm)
2. Height :9.1in (230mm)
3. Main Blade Diameter :26.8in (680mm)
4. Tail Blades diameter :5.1in (130mm)
5. Motor gear :10T
6. Main driven gear :140T
7. Tail driven gear :110T
8. Driven gear rate :14:1:5
9. Weight : About 1.5lbs (670g) (Including 1800mAh,11.1V Li-Po Battery)

Belt CP V2 Features:
1. Completely assembled and tested, Ready To Fly out of the box!
2. 120 degree ECCPM control system
3. New High-tech 6-channel RC system
4. High performance Heading Lock gyro is Capable of sport flying and 3D aerobatics
5. Digital Sub-Micro servos and Micro Heading Lock gyro offer precise and powerful control
6. Stainless steel flybar, main shaft, and tail shaft
7. 450 brushless motor, 25A brushless ESC and 3S 11.1V 1800mAh 20C Li-Po battery deliver incredible power and performance.
Belt CP Price
Some people said that Belt CP V2 is more expensive than the V1 : it is simply overpriced for what you get. V1 wasn't great, but you got what you paid for, and I loved mine! Have loved modding it to a much better heli, and it has taught mne so much, but sadly, from what I hear the V2 just starts off too expensive... more goto
Belt CP vs Belt CP V2
The are a question : what are the main differences between the Belt CP, and the Belt CP V2. Some reviews I have read say that the V2 is Brushed Motor (easy to change), and that it has a Headlock Gyro (but I read somewhere else the Belt CP was Headlock as well)

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Jual Pesawat Rc Helicopter

jual pesawat RC helicopter dan pesawat murah.

Jual Pesawat Rc Helicopter Dan Pesawat ...
iklan hobby dan rc,jual pesawat RC helicopter dan pesawat murah.


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Jual Mainan Helicopter Mini Grosir Eceran Harga Murah

Jual Mainan Helicopter Mini Grosir Eceran Harga Murah Bandung
toko online helicopter mini.